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A Call to Action

The multiple crises of the COVID19 pandemic, the intensified economic recession, and the climate emergency has spotlighted the urgency for raising the calls for debt cancellation and addressing unsustainable and illegitimate debt. In this context, many movements, organizations and citizens groups are coming together for a Global Week of Action for Debt Cancellation on October 10 to 17. We hope to generate impact pave the way for a re-invigorated, sustained global debt movement to rise to what will even be bigger challenges in the coming years.

JOIN the many activities being planned for the week, or ORGANIZE YOUR OWN activities. For more information, please follow us.

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SIGN the Letter to All Governments, International Institutions & Lenders


Please Sign:
Open Letter to All Governments, International Institutions and Lenders.

Español: Por favor, firmen aquí - Carta abierta a los gobiernos, las instituciones internacionales y los prestamistas

Français: Lettre ouverte à tous les gouvernements, institutions et prêteurs internationales

COVID19 has turned our world upside down.

The Covid19 pandemic has severely impacted on the health, safety and survival of hundreds of millions of people. Communities worldwide are being pushed deeper into poverty, precarious existence and inequality – with the massive loss of paid and self-employment and livelihoods and further limiting of access to food, water and sanitation, adequate housing, education, health service and other basic needs. It is estimated that 500 million more people could be pushed into poverty as a result of the pandemic and the economic downturn that it has exceedingly exacerbated. In all the regions of the world, violence against women, girls and LGTBI+ people has escalated in number and severity.

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